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7 Perfect Learnerships for 2024 You Should Apply for ASAP!


7 Perfect Learnerships for 2024 | Apply for Before Year End

Do you want a learnership for 2024? Start your online application with your Matric and apply for these 2024 learnerships offered by these companies. You can apply this year and start your learnership programme next year.

As they say, the earliest bird catches the fattest worm, so what are you waiting for? We listed at least 7 companies that offer these 2024 learnerships. You might be living in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town or wherever around South Africa.

You need to at least have Grade 9 to 12 (Matric) Equivalent qualification to apply for these learnerships.

Without wasting anymore of your time. Let us look at these learnerships 2024 that are accepting applications now.

Learnerships 2024: Companies Accepting Applications

Here are the 7 companies that are offering learnerships this year and in 2024 next year.

01. Edupower 

Edupower is all about skills and learning, offering learnerships whether you're working or not. It's kind of like an internship but better. You get real work experience and study for a qualification at the same time. 

What's cool is that Edupower focuses on helping people with disabilities, and they promise a full-time job offer once you finish. It's a win-win – you learn, you work, and you're set for a job. No stress for employers either. Edupower has your back for a smooth journey into your career.

Apply: Edupower 2024 Leanership Application

02. Drake Academy

Do you want to get paid to learn and bag a qualification at the end?, well Drake Academy is the right choice. It offers learnerships in Generic Management, Project Management and Also Venture Creation. With campuses in Cape Town, Johannesburg , East London and Durban.

DTA provides you with free transportation for the first month before you get your stipend. This is more beneficial for learners who are not financially stable.

To apply you will need to fill an online application form, also submitting your documents such as CV, ID etc...

Apply: Drake Academy 2024 Learnership Application



03. M2 Engineering

This training provider is based in Mpumalanga and offers apprentice training, learnerships including other skills development programmes. If you interested in these engineering fields Boilermaking, Mechanical Fitters, Millwright, Electrical, Instrument Mechanician, Welding and Fitting & Turning. This youth opportunity might be for you to grab.

To apply simply use the application link below.

Apply: M2 Engineering 2024 Learnership Application

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04. Dynamic DNA

If you love IT, this is for you. Dynamic DNA offers learnerships in ICT field acreddited by MICTA. With a wide range of learnership courses in tech industry such as End User computing, Systems Development, Telecommunication Systems including other courses in Business.

Their head offices are based in Randburg/Johannesburg. You can apply for their learnerships online or via the by submitting your application to the specified location on their website.

Apply: Dynamic DNA 2024 Learnership Applciation

05. Learnex

This accredited training provider offers learnerships in ICT, Business, Project Management, Office Administration. So, if you are interested in starting your career journey in 2024. Consider enrolling to one of the learnerships offered by this training provider.

Apply: Learnex 2024 Learnership Application

06. BPO Academy 

BPO connects young people with internships and learnerships. Based in Westen Cape, Kwazulu Natal and also Cape Town. If you are keen to taking your career to the next level join BPO Academy today. To apply use the link 

07. Edge Training

We have mentioned Edge Training couple of times here before. You may look Learnerships 2024 without Matric | Grade 10 | No ExperienceFor those who don’t know this company is based in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Their learnerships courses are focused on these fields Business, Hospitality, Hygiene and Cleaning etc…

To apply for their learnerships for 204 you need to fill in your details and submit the following documents: 

∙ Curriculum Vitae

∙ Identity Document

∙ Highest Qualification

∙ Letter of Disability

Apply: Edge Training 2024 Learnership Application


Getting ready for next year should be your number one priority to make sure that you start the year career safely. We hope these learnerships will help you to find your passion. Stick around for more learnerships for 2024.