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4 Good Learnerships 2024 without Matric | Grade 10 | No Experience


4 Good Learnerships 2024 without Matric | Grade 10 | No Experience

We have listed best learnerships 2024 without Matric in South Africa. Whether you have only Grade 10 as a school leaver. We got you covered with these learnerships that will help you gain sharp skills.

Having Grade 10 Qualification may seem embarrassing to the society especially nowadays were Matric is considered to be the first step to getting a job or a learnership. In 2024 things have changed and so are companies too.

Don’t worry we know exactly what you need, A Learnership that does not require any Matric or fancy qualifications.

Learnerships are helpful when it comes to getting qualifications you may try to look at How to Apply for SETA Learnerships Online | By

Having a clear understanding of how learnerships work. It might be useful for you in the long run.

Without wasting much of your time. Let us give you what we promised!

01. BConsult 2024 without Matric

Honestly, we have not heard much about BConsult too. We are surprised as you are about what is it all about. Based on our research Bconsult is a learnership provider for people who have no Matric, Skills and Experience in the work industry.

Is that it? Well, No. 

Bconsult has a wide range of opportunities start off with Skills Programmes, Training and Learnerships. They are not exactly about learnerships only, they have a broad range of Skill based programmes that help you get equipped for employments.

Since you have no Matric, you have just hit the jackpot for yourself. Why? Simply because even if you don’t consider a learnership. You can some how choose their Skills Programmes to up your game.

Also they accommodate people who are disabled too, if you know someone who might be interested please refer.

What kind of learnerships do they offer for people with no Matric?, We can name almost 12+ but then let us keep them short to not waste your time so you can dive in to more learnerships we listed here.

Bconsult Learnership Programmes

- Marketing & Supply

- Manufacturing

- Business Administration

- Contact Centre

And more..

We would take all day listing them for you, which is good because it means more options for you to choose from. Okay, now where do you even apply?

Check out their testimonial video of a student who completed a learnership with them.

Applying is simple all you need to do is slide to their site. Be sure to have your documents ready. Your CV is fine, because basically all you need to do is fill out your details. Done!

Apply: BConsult Learnership without Matric 2024


Now let us move on to our number two. 

02. Training Force Learnerships 2023 without Matric

You can tell by the name, already you have an idea of what this one is all about. Training!

Training Force offers learnerships for people who are 18 -28 years from grade 10 until grade 12. Disabled people are also welcome to apply after all, all these learnerships here accommodate them.

Training force has a wide range of learnership courses you can choose from. The only disadvantage is that you need to be living around Gauteng, especially close enough to Johannesburg.

Reason being after you have submitted your details on their site for learnership. You will receive an SMS to come write an assessment test. Which will be not possible for some people who live far from JHB.

Don’t worry, we have 4 Top Online Learnerships For 2024 with Stipend in South Africa listed for you. Have a look you might find it useful.

The good thing is, they also offer online learnerships on their website. Which confuses because you need to write an assessment test when you receive the SMS.

How does it work really?, well find out for your self here are the contacts.

+27 11 974 6633

Note that: if you decide to be in touch, do not send your CV for learnership application. Training force stated that only applications can be done online using the application form here.


03. ILearn Learnerships 2024 without Matric

You might have googled for a learnership, then Ilearn pops up on the first page. Well, yes it is legit. Ilearn has been around for some time now and does amazing work in providing learnerships for people without Matric. 

Not to say, people who have Grade 12 do not qualify. Ilearn takes the cup on this list. Funny enough it is number 4, but then that is a topic for another day.

Anyways, you will need your ID, CV, Highest Qualification, SARS, Proof of residence to apply for ILearn learnerships. You need to make sure that you certify these documents when you head to the application process.

ILearn is fairly good because unlike other learnership providers, it has more than enough. You can choose short courses online that teach Micro Soft Excel, or enrol on their skills programmes to learn computer and more other courses.

You have a choice. Since you are looking for a learnership then, browse some of their learnerships on their site to see what you can possibly find for your self and get skilled up today.


04. Advanced Assessments Learnerships 2024 without Matric

Simple, easy and straight to the point. Advanced Assessments has learnerships course in Contact Centre, Business Management, Generic Management and more.

It is very good for people who are at the age of 18  and 25. Download the broucher here and see what fits you best. 

Even though there are many learnerships listed, It might be possible that you may qualify for a few. Remember Level 2 Qualification is equivalent to grade 10, meaning you may apply be placed for a Contact Centre Learnership depending on how Advanced Assements Learnerships works.

Look up to their site and start your application today.

Apply: Advanced Assessments Learnership 2024


Wishing you all the best in a finding a learnership programme that suites you. We will keep updating this article and list more learnerships for you. Having no Matric is not the end of everything. It is the begging of Learnerships and Skills to be obtained. Goodluck!luck!