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Best Colleges that Offer Learnerships 2024 for Matriculants


4 Best Colleges that Offer Learnerships 2024 for Matriculants 

Apply for learnerships at these colleges that offer distance learning, also courses and skills development training for matriculants in South Africa. If you goal is to find a college

that offers more than just education but also a college that also considers your needs and expenses. These colleges are defiantly the ones you have been looking for.

Before we get any further, we also have to make you understand that these colleges are somehow accredited, also they are not public government colleges.

The term “College” might be the one that is a bit confusing, because obviously you would expect an institution with branches all over SA. More like a TVET College, that offers formal education with the highest levels of qualifications .

Well, yes and no. Because some of these colleges use the name “College” as a simple reference in to showing that it is a formal institution.

For example, there is a college we listed here that is called TVETSA, is a private college that offers Learnerships, Skills Programmes including short courses.

You, see? Stay alert and do not be confused as we dive deeper throughout the list of each college that offers learnerships in South Africa.

Without wasting anymore of your precious time let us get to it.

4 Colleges That offer learnerships in South Africa

01. TVETSA (Thandeka Vocational Education Trust) 

TVET SA offers learnerships in college, virtually(online) or at the factory where learners can gain practical experience. This organization is an accredited vocational college that operates all over South Africa. Offering learning programmes on clothing, home textiles, and general goods as services.

To apply for learnerships at TVETSA, you have to go to main menu>> Contact page and scroll down where you find an online application form for individuals. Or simply use the link below to apply.

Apply: TVETSA Learnership Application 

02. Gauteng City College 

Gauteng City college is a private institution that offers both vocational training also skills development programmes such as learnerships. Acreddited by all 21 SETA, This college offers learnership courses as means of eliminating youth unemployment as 

You may apply for learnerships at this college if you live around Gauteng, also if you are interested in applying for college courses.

Apply: Gauteng City College Learnerships 

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03. SA Business College 

SA Business School is a college for people who like to learn more in business. Offers learnership courses in administration, contact centre, IT, including sales performance.

Also has elearning portal for students who may wish be enrolled on the skills development programmes. If you are keen in entrepreneurship this might be college for you to try out. 

Apply: SA Business School Learnership Application 

04. Quest College 

Quest College is learnership provider that offers learnerships to unemployed youth in South Africa. Also has short courses where learners can be educated about different topics in their chosen field.

We have talked about Quest College here: 4 Mobile Friendly Online Learnerships for Matriculants in 2024

In conclusion, hopefully this short article made you realise which path you would like to take and which learning path is good for you. Good luck on your journey.