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Vodacom Bursary (2025 Academic Year)


Are you a dedicated and ambitious student looking to further your education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) but lacking the

necessary resources? The Vodacom Bursary Programme offers a fantastic opportunity for full-time first-year, second-year, or third-year students to receive financial support and additional benefits to help you achieve your academic goals.

Vodacom Bursary Key Offerings

The Vodacom Bursary Programme provides comprehensive support to ensure you can focus on your studies without financial worries. The key offerings include:

  • Full University Accommodation: Stay in university accommodation, fully covered by the bursary.
  • Capped Amount for Private Accommodation: If you prefer private accommodation, the bursary provides a capped amount to assist with the costs.
  • Full Registration and Tuition: Your registration and tuition fees will be fully covered.
  • Textbook Allocation: Receive an allowance to cover the cost of your textbooks.
  • Meal Allowance: Enjoy a meal allowance to support your daily nutrition needs.
  • Additional Benefits

    In addition to the key offerings, the Vodacom Bursary Programme includes several additional benefits to enhance your academic and professional journey:

    • Laptop: Equip yourself with a laptop to assist with your studies.
    • Cell phone: Stay connected with a provided cell phone.
    • Orientation Workshop: New students accepted into the programme will participate in an orientation workshop.
    • Workplace Exposure: Gain practical experience through Vodacom’s structured Vacation Work programme.
    • Work Readiness Skills Training: Prepare for the professional world with training sessions designed for final year bursars.
    • Wellness Programme Access: Enjoy full access to Vodacom’s Wellness Programme (ICAS) services.

    Programme Requirements

    To be eligible for the Vodacom Bursary Programme, you must meet the following criteria:

    • South African Citizen: Must be a South African citizen by birth.
    • Full-Time Undergraduate Studies: Must undertake full-time undergraduate studies at a South African tertiary institution.
    • Grade 12 Exemption: Must pass Grade 12 with exemption, obtaining 70% or higher across all subjects.
    • Tertiary Performance: If already in first year or higher, must have an average of 65% or higher.
    • Accredited Institution: Must be studying at an accredited South African tertiary institution.

    How to Apply

    If you meet the above criteria and are ready to apply for the Vodacom Bursary Programme, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Ensure Eligibility

    • Before applying, make sure you meet all the programme requirements listed above.

    Step 2: Submit Your Application

    • Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, register and submit your application.
    • You will receive an email confirmation of receipt.
    • The Vodacom Bursary Management team will carefully assess your application and provide feedback every step of the way.

    Application Deadline

    • Applications for the 2025 intake will close on 31 August 2024.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to secure financial support and additional benefits to aid your studies.

  • The Vodacom Bursary Programme is a remarkable opportunity for students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. By providing financial support, practical work experience, and personal development resources, Vodacom is committed to nurturing the next generation of STEM professionals.

    If you meet the eligibility requirements, we strongly encourage you to apply and take advantage of this life-changing programme. Secure your future with Vodacom and reach new heights in your academic and professional career.