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South African Reserve Bank Bursary 2025


Are you a motivated and high-achieving student looking to further your education but lacking the necessary financial resources? The South African Reserve Bank Bursary offers a remarkable opportunity for Grade 12/Matric pupils to embark on full-time undergraduate

studies at South African universities.

This bursary is part of SARB’s commitment to addressing the skills shortage in South Africa and supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

South African Reserve Bank Bursary Key Offerings

The bursary provides comprehensive support to cover various educational expenses, ensuring you can focus on your studies:

  • Full University Accommodation: Covered by the bursary.
  • Capped Amount for Private Accommodation: Financial assistance if you prefer private accommodation.
  • Full Registration and Tuition: Fees fully covered.
  • Textbook Allocation: An allowance to purchase textbooks.
  • Meal Allowance: Financial support for daily nutrition needs.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the primary offerings, the SARB Bursary includes several additional benefits to enhance your academic and professional journey:

  • Laptop: Provided to assist with your studies.
  • Cell phone: Provided for communication and connectivity.
  • Orientation Workshop: New students accepted into the programme will participate in an orientation workshop.
  • Workplace Exposure: Gain practical experience through SARB’s structured Vacation Work programme.
  • Work Readiness Skills Training: Prepare for the professional world with training sessions designed for final-year bursars.
  • Wellness Programme Access: Enjoy full access to SARB’s Wellness Programme (ICAS) services.

Requirements to Qualify for the Bursary

To be considered for the SARB Bursary, students must meet the following criteria:

  • South African Citizen: Must be a South African citizen.
  • Undergraduate Studies: Must undertake full-time undergraduate studies at a South African tertiary institution.
  • Grade 12 Exemption: Must pass Grade 12 with exemption, achieving an average pass mark of 70% or higher in the June exams, with the final awarding of the bursary subject to final results.
  • Tertiary Performance: If already in first year or higher, must have an average of 70% or higher.
  • Financial Need: Must be unable to afford university education without a bursary.
  • Age Limit: Must be younger than 30 years old.

How to Apply

To apply for the South African Reserve Bank Bursary, follow these steps:

Step 1: Ensure Eligibility

  • Before applying, make sure you meet all the bursary requirements listed above.

Step 2: Submit Your Application

Applications for the 2025 intake must be submitted by 30 September 2024. Late applications will not be considered. You need to submit your application along with the required documents, including:

  • Download Application Form: External Bursary Application Form 2025
  • Certified copy of your June matric results (for current matric students) or final matric results (for completed matric students).
  • Proof of acceptance at a recognised tertiary institution.
  • A 250-word motivational essay.
  • Certified copy of your South African identity document (ID).

Submit your application using the promo code SARB2025:

Bursary Agreement

Successful applicants will be required to attend interviews and sign a bursary agreement with the SARB. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the bursary and ensures mutual commitment to the programme’s objectives.

About the South African Reserve Bank

The SARB plays a crucial role in maintaining the economic well-being of all South Africans through price stability and financial stability. The bank is responsible for regulating the financial sector, designing and distributing banknotes and coins, managing interest rates, setting cash reserve requirements for banks, and ensuring the stability of the banking sector and the broader financial system.

Purpose of the South African Reserve Bank Bursary

The SARB Bursary aims to support corporate social initiatives and provide scholarships to students in fields relevant to the functions of the SARB. This initiative is designed to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds pursue their studies and develop the skills needed in the South African financial sector.

The South African Reserve Bank Bursary is an excellent opportunity for deserving students to pursue their academic goals without financial constraints. By offering extensive financial support and additional benefits, the SARB is dedicated to nurturing future leaders in the financial sector. If you meet the eligibility criteria a