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Courses That Are in Demand in South Africa Apply Today


Courses That Are in Demand in South Africa: Apply Today

A well-researched article highlighting the courses in demand in South Africa for individuals

interested in knowing what courses are currently in demand and are best suited to study

Courses That Are in Demand in South Africa: Apply


‘Which courses are in demand in South Africa?’ If this is a question you’ve been asking

yourself then buckle up as we will be satisfying your curiosity in this article.

In today’s article, we will cover some of the courses in demand in South Africa and the

institutions you can apply to pursue a career in that particular course.

We'll also provide you with a list of companies hiring for jobs in that career path to give you

an idea of where to apply for work after completion of your course.

Courses in Demand

Engineering Courses

The engineering field has a variety of careers one can pursue after completing a program in

the sector. Engineers use mathematics and science to solve problems by creating structures

that will make the lives of others easier. Depending on the field one is certified in.

There are different types of engineers such as:

Mechanical engineer - fixes complex and simple vehicle-related problems

Civil engineer - designs tunnels, bridges, railways, roads, dams, airports, and more.

Computer engineer - develops new manufacturing processes for chemical production and

more. Usually, someone in this career path works with pharmaceuticals, food processing, and

industrial chemicals.

Engineering skills are one of the scarcest in South Africa as most students shy away from

maths and science deeming them too difficult to understand and master.

Some engineering courses you can apply for if you’d like to study in that field:

Diploma in Chemical Engineering at Unisa

Diploma in Civil Engineering at Unisa

BoilerMaking Course at Tshwane North TVET College

Diploma in Industrial Engineering at Unisa

Diploma: Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering at CUT

Companies you can work at once you have your qualification in Engineering:




Anglo American

Transnet, and more.

Cyber Security Courses

Another one on the list of courses in demand is programs in cyber security. Cyber Security

falls under the information technology (IT) umbrella and is the practice of ensuring safety on

the internet by protecting users, companies, and national governments from experiencing

cyber attacks online or getting hacked.

Different types of professions in the cyber security field:

Information security analyst - monitors networks for security breaches

Digital forensic examiner - gathers digital information from user's systems to be used as

evidence in legal events such as court cases

Security engineer - build strong systems to keep companies' networks and their data safe

Cyber Security Courses are in demand as the world's going digital and most transactions are

now done online without needing physical interaction. As such, it's important to monitor users'

activities on the internet to safeguard them from harm.

Some cyber security courses you can apply for if you’d like to venture into the field:

Introduction to Cyber Security at Cisco Networking Academy

Short Learning Program in Cyber Security at UJ

Foundations of Cyber Security at Coursera

Online Cyber Security Short Course at CPUT

Diploma in Cyber Security at OHSC

Companies you can work at once you have your qualification in cyber security:

Standard Bank




Sanlam, and many more.

Nursing Courses

Nurses occupy many spaces in the healthcare sector, however, there can never be enough of

them as over 100 000 people get injured per year and end up needing medical assistance.

Nurses assist injured or sick patients whenever they come to their facility to get help with any

medical situation. They work alongside doctors to aid them in treating the patients. In

hindsight, nurses are just as important as doctors regardless different ranks.

Different professions in the Nursing field:

Clinical nurses - assess, diagnose, and treat admitted patients. These nurses have either

earned a master's or doctorate qualification in nursing

Midwife nurses - aid in delivering newborn babies at a public or private facility and making

sure both the mother and baby are taken care of during the process. They also provide

medical care to other patients as they have dual knowledge of general nursing and


Psychiatric nurses - these nurses care for the physical and psychological well-being of

patients with certain mental health conditions e.g. Alzheimer patients.

Some nursing courses you can apply for if you’d like to explore this field:

BA in Nursing Sciences at Unisa

Higher Certificate in Nursing

Diploma in Nursing at Netcare

B. Nursing at North West

Bachelor of Nursing Sciences at UP

Companies you can work at once you have your qualification in nursing:




Ampath Laboratories

SANBS, and others.

Find more here: Nursing Courses

Hospitality Courses

Hospitality courses are also among the courses in demand in South Africa that's because

they revolve around creating scrumptious dishes and tending to customers. And it's no

brainer that events are held weekly here in South Africa meaning there'll also be a need for

catering services.

Different professions in the hospitality field:

Chef - prepares various delicacies for guests and customers at hotels, restaurants, private

functions, and other places

Hotel Manager - handles all duties related to their place of employment and makes sure

everything is operational

Events Manager - works in many industries overseeing different tasks at events such as

conventions, sports events, and leisure events.

Some hospitality courses you can apply for if you’d like to step into this field:

Hospitality and Catering Course at NorthLink College

Professional Cook Qualification at Capital Hotel School 

Bachelor of Consumer Science at Unisa

Hospitality and Catering Services Course at FalseBay College

Companies or places you can work at once you have your qualification in hospitality:

Empact Group

SilverLake Trading

One&Only Hotel

Marriott Hotel

Accor Hotel, and more.

Paramedic Courses

Just like nurses, paramedics assist injured individuals on roads or in their homes before

transporting them to the nearest healthcare facility for further treatment.

There's a large demand for personnel in the basic Ambulance Assistant sector as only 76% of

them are currently registered with the HPCSA. While 96,000 more will be needed in 2030 to

work alongside paramedics. Which means there'll be an increment in paramedics required

as well.

Unfortunately, paramedic courses don't offer many career paths as the field isn't too broad

and is limited to being a paramedic at different stages from entry-level to advanced stage.

Some paramedic courses you can apply for if you’d like to venture into the field:

Introduction to Paramedicine Studies at Alison Learning Platform

Diploma in Emergency Medical Care at UJ

Higher Certificate in Emergency Medical Care at Netcare

Fundamentals of Ambulance Care Assistant at Alison Learning Platform

Diploma in Emergency Medical Care at Mediclinic Higher Education

Companies or places you can work at once you have your qualification in the paramedic


Anglo American



Clinix Health Group

And ER24 among others

Traffic Officer Courses

Traffic officers are in demand. As such traffic officer courses are among the courses in

demand in South Africa. There are many road users operating their vehicles day in and day

out around the country.

Hence there needs to be some monitoring done to ensure that the motorists and pedestrians

are following the rules of the road. Which is why traffic officers are needed in large volumes.

Having enough officers might reduce our 1.3 million car crash death rate per year by 50% in

2030, as per the road safety officials' goals.

Professions in the traffic officer field are limited however one can further their studies or

training and advance up the ladder to obtain a higher traffic officer role.

Some traffic officer courses you can apply for if you’d like to venture into the field:

Traffic officer Training at Gene Louw Traffic College

Traffic Officer Diploma Course at KZN Traffic Training College

Traffic Officer Courses at Matjhabeng Traffic Training Academy

Police & Traffic Law at Rand Training College

Traffic Officer Course at Limpopo Traffic Training College

Companies or places you can work at once you have your qualification in traffic policing:

Road Traffic Management Corporations

And in various municipal areas e.g Lekwa Municipality

Benefits of Studying Courses in Demand

Studying a course in demand at university offers many perks. It increases job opportunities

and higher salaries, as companies need people with these skills urgently.

The topics are current and interesting, making learning fun. Additionally, it supports career

growth and provides job security, ensuring a stable and successful career path.


Studying is important. However, you should pick a course that you are interested in and will

be able to find or create a job in. Demand courses are great as chances of getting employed

are high.

But only select a course that you like when looking for programs to study. And if it’s one in

demand then lucky you.

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