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5 Institutions Offering University Free Online Courses - Apply Now


5 Institutions Offering University Free Online Courses - Apply Now

University free online courses from Ivy League institutions and local universities available at your disposable. These are great for upskilling at no extra cost.

There are several University Free Online Courses you can do from home to improve your skills and gain more knowledge.

Sharpening your skills increases your chances of getting employed as it'll beautify your resume. Since we're all about making sure the  South African youth gets the best opportunities.

Here are some online courses from local and international institutions you can try from home and add to your list of things you know.

1. Stellenbosch University Free Online Courses

When It comes to being the best in Forestry, Development studies, and theology Stellenbosch University ranks in the top 100 worldwide. It's also one of the institutions that offer free online courses.

Here are some courses it offers: 

2. Harvard University Free Online Courses

Boasting with a high record of overachievers and geniuses. This Ivy League institution is also offering free online courses to students in South Africa and around the world.

Few free  available online courses at Harvard University have: 

3. Oxford University Free Online Courses

With an outstanding record around the world in different aspects such as researching, teaching, and contributing to society.

Oxford University provides a limited number of online courses so there isn't much to choose from.

Some courses they have at the University of Oxford that  are free of charge: 

4. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) University Free Courses

Another US-based institution with free online courses is the infamous MIT. MIT has notable alumni and great prestige and is on par with some Ivy League schools.

Available free online course at MIT:

Search for more here: MIT University Free Online Courses use the filter button for optimum results.

5. Yale University Free Online Courses

Yale is the 3rd oldest university in the United States and is part of the Ivy League along with Harvard University. This private institution also provides free online courses that can be done from home. 

Courses available at Yale:

Are you more into colleges than Universities? No stress, check out our list of Colleges that Offer Online Courses in South Africa and apply for anyone you like or align best with your career.


Doing free Online courses is a great way to pick up different skills if you're on a low budget or unable to afford in-person Courses.