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3 Helpful Websites to Take Free Learners License Test Online in SA


3 Helpful Websites to Take Free Learners License Test Online

These websites offer free learners license tests that will help you pass your exam.  we’ll guide you to three top-notch websites where you can take the K53 Online Test and access Learners

License Practice Tests. Boost your confidence with Learners Licence Questions and Answers readily available. Plus, we’ve got you covered with downloadable Learners License test PDFs.

Get ready to hit the road with these invaluable online tools that make preparing for your Learners License Test a breeze. 

What is a K53 Driving Test?

A K53 Driving Test is for people aiming to get a driver’s license. It checks if you can drive safely by assessing skills like road awareness and following traffic rules. This test, commonly used in South Africa, ensures drivers are capable and responsible on the road. 

From handling traffic to using signals correctly, it covers practical aspects crucial for obtaining a license. The goal is to make sure drivers are well-prepared and can navigate roads safely.

Please note: These are free learners license driving tests websites. They do not offer any license after completing the tests. They are for general use only. 

Website for Free Learners Driving Test in South Africa 

01. CC Driving School 

This Driving School is generous enough to offer you to test your knowledge before you even write your learners exam. Anyone can try it out, and test their ability to understand road signs, traffic rules and signals.

Please make sure that you are using a laptop or a pc before you consider taking the online test. Reason being, if you are using a smartphone there might be limited functionalities via the screen display. 

>> START TEST: CC Driving School Test   

02. Blitz Driving Academy 

Blitz Driving Academy website allows you to test your driving knowledge via questions online.  They have a certified and experienced instructor offering code 8 driving lessons, test prep, and help with getting your learner’s license. You can also take a free learners driving test online.

Start Here: Blitz Academy Learners License Test 

03. Motus – Free License Driving Test 

Step into the driver’s seat and test your road knowledge with the FREE MOTUS K53 Online Learner’s Test. It’s as simple as answering 20 questions, aiming for a passing score of 70%. And here’s the bonus – score a perfect 20 out of 20, and you might just snag a chance to win a Samsung Phone, Tablet, or Airtime in the prize draw!

After cruising through the questions, simply share your age and email details at the end of the test to receive your results via email. It’s a straightforward way to not only assess your driving knowledge but also potentially walk away with some cool tech goodies.

Driving is not just about hitting the gas and steering; it’s about understanding the rules of the road. The MOTUS K53 Online Learner’s Test offers an opportunity to enhance your driving knowledge in a fun and rewarding way. So, buckle up, take the test, and who knows, you might be the lucky winner of some tech treats!

Safeways by Motus also give you free video lessons to pass your K53 test. If you think might be looking for something else like an app. Feel free to download the Safeways Driving Test App.    

>> Start Test: Safeways Learners License Test 

5 Practical Tips to Pass Your Learners License Test:

  1. Drive Regularly: Practice often to get more comfortable behind the wheel. The more you drive, the better you become at handling different road situations.
  2. Learn Road Signs: Know your road signs well. Understanding what signs mean is important for the test, so take some time to familiarize yourself with them.
  3. Nail Parking: Practice different parking skills like parallel parking and parking on a hill. Getting good at parking will make the test easier.
  4. Stay Calm: It’s normal to be a bit nervous, but try to stay calm during the test. Take deep breaths, follow instructions, and focus on what you’re doing.
  5. Use Mock Tests: Take practice tests online. These help you get used to the test format, making you more confident and prepared for the real deal.

When you are ready for apply for a drivers license you can have a look at government’s website about how to get started.