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SAPS Reservist Application Form 2024


SAPS Reservist Application Form for 2024 are now available in a PDF format for unemployed South African individuals.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) is inviting passionate South African citizens to become Reservists and assist in the fight against crime. In this article we will cover relevant details about reservist training programme.

SAPS Reservist Application Form 2024

The SAPS Reservist Application Form is a crucial document for individuals interested in becoming Reservists within the South African Police Service (SAPS).

  • With the recently updated application form, interested Job Seekers can smoothly apply for Reservist Training Programme for 2024-2025.
  • Candidates who wants to serve at SAPS as volunteers are eligible for this opportunity.
  • Although the stipend is not guaranteed by the department, but the offer might lead to a permanent employment.
  • SAPS Reservist Training Programme for 2024-2025

    SAPS Reservist Training programme for 2024-2025 is another important part of preparing individuals who wish to become Reservists within the South African Police Service (SAPS).

    • Reservists voluntarily dedicate their time and skills without expecting financial compensation.
    • The Reservist Training Programme covers areas such as orientation, law, community service, and crime prevention.
    • Successful completion of training leads to appointment as a Reservist, allowing them to perform general policing duties in sectors at station level.

    SAPS reservist requirements

    In order to become a reservist you must:

    • have permanent residence in the Republic of South Africa
    • be at least be 25 years old and under 40 years of age
    • have no any mental defect, disease or infirmity which may interfere with the proper execution of your duties
    • be of good character
    • successfully complete psychometric tests as may be determined by the national commissioner
    • have at least a senior certificate or equivalent qualification of which you must provide documentary proof
    • be able to speak, read and write at least two official languages, of which one must be English
    • allow your fingerprints to be taken
    • not have been found guilty of an offence or be under prosecution of an offence
    • be prepared to undergo training
    • take the oath of office
    • have no visible tattoos when wearing a uniform.

    SAPS reservist duties

    Here are the key duties and responsibilities for reservists:

    • Perform general policing functions within sectors at station level.
    • Participate in sector deployment or specific operational units.
    • Carry out duties in the Community Safety Centre.
    • Wear a uniform (after successfully completing training).
    • Work under the supervision of a permanent member or an experienced reservist.
    • Receive training in relevant aspects of functional policing.
    • SAPS Reservist salary

      As a SAPS Reservist, your service is voluntary, without any financial remuneration. However, here are some key points regarding the role and compensation:


      • Reservists do not receive a salary.
      • However, if a reservist is injured on duty due to an illness resulting from duty, they may be compensated for loss of salary.
      • In case of a reservist’s death on duty, the spouse qualifies for a death grant.

      Remember, serving as a reservist is a noble commitment to community safety and security, driven by dedication rather than financial gain.

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