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Free Online Computer Literacy Courses and Tests for Beginners


Computer Literacy Courses and Tests for Beginners - Free

Are you looking for computer literacy tests or courses with certificate? We have gathered all websites that offer basic computer literacy skills for beginners.

Take these tests to measure your knowledge by understand how well your computer skills are. 

Learn how to use Microsoft Office apps, like Word, Excel including PowerPoint. Free Microsoft Suite courses from experts on YouTube, Udemy and other education platforms that you may find useful.

If you have been wondering, how can you learn basic computer skills online for free? Well, we have listed everything here you will need to get started today.

Websites that Offer Free Computer Literacy Tests Online:

01. Testizer

Testizer is a website that offers different types of free tests online, these tests are English Practice Tests, Graphic Design Tests, Language Tests and Basic computer skills online certification tests.

Since you are looking for a computer literacy test, you should consider this website because it also offers you a certification. You have an option to choose whether you would like to pay $10 or receive free results on your email without your name being attached to your certification. 

If you only want results without paying a single dime. Testizer is the one you should go for. Considering the free computer literacy questions that will be helping you challenge your knowledge.

>>Start Test: Testizer Computer Literacy Test

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02. GCF Global

GCF offers free computer basics tutorials that go along with few quizzes. These questions are from 1-25 and involve few basic scenarios about computer parts, software and more. 

>> Start Test: GCF Computer Basics Quizzes

03. Rata Type

Ratatype offers a typing words per minute test with certification of completion. The good thing about this site, it offers you the choice to take the course as many times as you want. Meaning the results that you get will add up to your certificate.

Their Speed typing test only takes 2-3 minutes long which is far more reasonable unlike taking a full online course for computer literacy. If you think you got what it takes. Try this Typing speed test for free now!

>>Start test: Rata Type Test for Typing 

If you are not satisfied and think maybe you are looking for different types of tests and quizzes that can help you learn a new skill. You should consider looking at 17 Best Free Quizzes with Certificate by

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Best Free Computer Literacy Courses Online 

Here are computer literacy courses you take for free online at your own time from anywhere you are.

01. Udemy Basic Computer Skills Free Online Course

This free basic computer skills course teaches you computer skills by learning how to research, learn how to attach documents when using an email, and more basic skills required to successfully navigate throughout the computer.

Even though Udemy does not offer certificates for free courses. You can still learn helpful tricks on this free basic computer skills course.

>> Course Application: Udemy Basic Computer Skills Course

Microsoft Office 2021/365 for Beginners: 9+ Hours of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint Training

This free Microsoft Office training course on YouTube by Simon Sez will teach you Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. If by any chance you get a job offer to work at an office. This course will help you understand better in terms of how to navigate through Ms Office suite apps.

Be part of 80 000 students who took this free course to upskill their CVs and computer skills. Oxford is offering a free Ms office course where you can learn:

MS Word 2016

  • Identify the Components of the Word Interface

MS Excel 2016

  • Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Identify the Elements of the Excel Interface

MS Power point 2016

  • Modifying the PowerPoint Environment
  • Customize the User Interface

Course Application: Oxford Ms Office Free Course