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Department of Basic Education invites South African students to apply for Funza Lushaka Bursary for the 2024 academic year.

Closing date: 04 February 2024

Department of Basic Education: Funza Lushaka Bursary 2024 Overview:

Supported Teaching Qualifications:

Undergraduate Studies (4-year Bachelor of Education degree – BEd):

  • Specializations: Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase, Senior and Further Education and Training Teaching (Grade 7 to Grade 12).

Graduate Studies (1-year Postgraduate Certificate in Education – PGCE):

  • Specialization: Senior and Further Education and Training Teaching (Grade 7 to Grade 12).

Covered Expenses:

  • Tuition fees, books, study materials, accommodation, meals, teaching practice, and a living expenses allowance (if available and capped).

Bursary Duration:

  • Awarded annually for one academic year. Renewal is contingent upon academic performance.

Service Contract:

  • Bursary recipients are required to teach at a public school selected by the Provincial Education Department (PED) for a duration equal to the funding received.

Eligibility Requirements:

General Requirements for All Applicants:

  • South African citizenship
  • Valid South African ID
  • Age 30 years or younger (for first-time applicants)
  • Acceptance at a South African public university for BEd or PGCE, specializing in priority subjects
  • Strong academic record
  • Commitment to teach at any school selected by PED
  • Not an employee of a Higher Education Institution (or a spouse, dependent, or child of an employee)
  • Passion and dedication for teaching, working with youth, and facing challenges with integrity
  • No existing teaching qualifications or criminal record

Specific Requirements for First-Time University Entrants:

  • Matriculation with exemption, endorsement, or bachelor degree admission
  • Minimum level 4 pass in specific subjects (varies based on intended specialization)
  • Meeting tertiary institution entry requirements

How to apply

Applicants must follow these steps to submit their bursary application:

1) Visit the e-Government Portal website
2) Register an account by filling in your required personal details (after ticking the boxes to agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the e-Gov portal)
3) Login using your selected username and password
4) Select the “Funza Lushaka Bursary Scheme” on the e-Services Menu
5) Insert the OTP you received
6) Read and accept the Terms and Conditions
7) Click on the “2023 application” button on the dashboard
8) Fill in the required information
9) Read and accept the declaration to confirm your information

Application Deadlines:

  • New Applications: 2 February 2024

Ensure applications are submitted before the specified deadlines for consideration.