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BEKA Schreder Bursary South Africa 2024 – 2025

 BEKA Schreder Bursary. BEKA Schréder (Pty) Ltd is Africa’s leading manufacturer of Luminaires and Glass Fibre Reinforced polyester (GRP) Poles.

BEKA Schréder (Pty) Ltd products are used in many infrastructure developments, such as roads and highways, residential and commercial areas, and town centres as an integral part of urban renewal programmes. BEKA Schréder products are exported into almost all African countries, as well as the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and Australia.

BEKA Schréder (Pty) Ltd bursaries are awarded to successful applicants for one year of their studies. Bursary holders would need to re-apply for each academic year and renewing of a bursary will depend on the students’ academic results.

Successful students will not be able to accept any other bursary or other form of financial assistance from any other company without the prior written consent from BEKA Schréder (Pty) Ltd.

BEKA Schréder Bursary Options

1. Accounting/Finance Bursaries

In South Africa there are around 30 companies that also offer bursaries for accounting and finance. Some of the companies that offer these bursaries are (Deloitte & Touche, Investec, KPMG Bursary, Medirite Bursaries, Moore Stephens, MTN, National Treasury, Old Mutual and PPS)

2. Human Resources Bursaries

We have previous published two opportunities that fall within human resources and they are both for university students. These are (City Power Graduates Internships and Study Trust bursaries)

3. Marketing Bursaries

There are about for more bursaries or career opportunities that fall under marketing that we have shared with you that you may want to also look at. These are (i) British American Tobacco bursaries (ii) Amasa learnership opportunities (iii) Study Trust bursaries (iv) FNB bursaries

4. Logistics/ Supply Chain Bursaries

5. Information Technology Bursaries

6. Engineering Bursaries

Once your application has been successful you will be required to enter into an agreement with the Bursar and the agreement will outline the terms and condition of the bursary.

What Does Beka Schréder Bursary Cover?

BEKA Schréder bursary covers students’ cost to the value of R75 000,00. Here is what the fund will cover:

  • tuition fees,
  • prescribed textbooks,
  • accommodation and
  • meals

Students will be responsible for the remaining costs. For study related expenses less than R75 000,00 the recipient will not be entitled to the difference.

Students who do not complete the programme could be held liable for the reimbursing of the partial or full bursary amount.
Bursary recipients will be given the opportunity to undertake vacation work or practical training each year.

Who Must Apply?

  • South African citizen
  • Completed Matric or currently in Matric
  • Studying OR intend to study towards a full –time undergraduate qualification with one of the aforementioned fields of study
  • Studying OR intend to study full time at institutions accredited by the Department of Higher Education (DHET)
  • Strong academic record

How To Apply?

Complete the application form online

Beka Schreder Head Office

Physical Address: 17 Cordova Cl, Briardene, Durban, 4051, KwaZulu Natal

Beka Schreder bursary does not have a closing date specified but is one of bursaries open all year round in South Africa


None – submission of application is open all year round and students are welcome to apply at any time.


For any queries related to this bursary programme, please contact BEKA Schréder (Pty) Ltd directly:
Training Department
Tel: 011 238 0085

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