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Sappi Bursary 2022


About Sappi

Sappi was founded in South Africa in 1936 as paper producer for newsprint, business papers, packaging ang specialty paper industries. The company also manufactures dissolving wood pulp (DWP), which are used to

create viscose fibre for fashionable clothing and textiles, acetate tow, pharmaceutical products and consumer and household products. Sappi develops products to meet the demand for newsprint, uncoated graphic and business papers, packaging and speciality papers and tissue products for household, business, medical and industrial use in the country.

The company’s South African headquarters are located in Johannesburg, which manages the sub-divisions of Sappi ForestsSappi Paper and Paper Packaging, and Sappi Specialised Cellulose.

Sappi Bursaries

Sappi encourages bright students to join the company’s bursary opportunities to support young South Africans with their studies in line with real-world business needs. The bursary is open to Engineering and Forestry qualifications.

The following fields of study are accepted for the bursary:

  • Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Mechatronics
  • Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science – Forestry and Wood Sciences
  • National Diploma – Pulp and Paper
  • National Diploma in Forestry.

Latest university results will be considered for undergraduate students and preference will be given to applicants with an average of 75% and above in Mathematics and Physical Science.

Sappi Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  • South African citizens
  • 18 – 25 years old
  • Average of 70-80% in Mathematics, 70-80% in Physical Science and 65% in English
  • Acceptance confirmation at the university
  • Students pursuing BSc Electrical Engineering, BSc Chemical Engineering, MSc Mechanical Engineering, BSc Forestry or National Diploma in Forestry

How to Apply and Application Details

  • To apply for this bursary visit the Sappi Bursary Online Application page.
  • Please submit the following documents along with your application:
    • A copy of your matric certificate and any other academic qualifications you may have
    • Proof of your registration or provisional registration at an academic institution
    • A copy of your academic record to date
    • A recent curriculum vitae (CV)
    • A copy of your South African identity document
    • Proof of income or an affidavit stating your total household income.

Shortlisted candidates will go through the interview process and will be required to complete psychometric assessments.

Opening and Closing Date

Applications for Sappi bursaries are usually open from 01 June to 30 September every year.

Contact Details

Sappi Southern Africa Limited
Address: 108 Oxford Road Rosebank Johannesburg 2196 South Africa
Post: PO Box 31560 Braamfontein 2001