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Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa Bursary 2022


About The Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa

The Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa or IMESA was founded in 1961 to promote the interests of municipal engineers and provide a platform for the information exchange regarding all aspects of municipal engineering. This is in-line with the objective of expanding the engineering knowledge and

practices in all Local Government municipalities. IMESA head office is located in Durban and has branches in other parts of South Africa such as Border, Eastern Cape, Free State/Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Provinces, Southern Cape/Karoo and Western Cape.

IMESA Bursaries

IMESA provides financial assistance for full-time students of Civil Engineering degrees through the bursary scheme, which is offered every year. Other engineering fields may also be considered based on the decision of the IMESA Executive Council. The bursary scheme aims to help financially needy but qualified students to continue their higher education as well as to acknowledge the accomplishments of the dependants of the IMESA members.

IMESA bursary is applicable for the succeeding academic year, which includes from the second year of studies and upward. The bursary covers tuition and book fees and is given to the bursary holders tertiary institution. Mentors are also provided for students to encourage participation in IMESA activities.

The bursary is offered to students who are already registered for full-time studies at a recognized tertiary educational institution in South Africa and have successfully completed their mid-year year exams.  Bursary grants apply for the following year of study (i.e. second year or further). The bursary covers tuition fees and books, and is paid to the relevant educational tertiary institution. A mentor is appointed and students are encouraged to participate in IMESA activities. 

IMESA bursary scheme conditions:

  1. The Bursary amount may be subject to revision every year based on the decisions made by the Executive Committee of IMESA.
  2. The first payment will only be given once the student has submitted the following documents to the Executive Committee of IMESA:
    • Updated medical certificate
    • Proof of enrolment for the specific field of study
    • Statement of fees from the tertiary institution
  3. IMESA has no responsibility to provide employment opportunities to any bursary holders upon completion of their studies. However, bursary holders will be requested to work in local government institutions.
  4. Any other sources of funding received by the students must be declared immediately and may result in the reduction or termination of the IMESA bursary.

Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  • Full time registered students who intend to pursue a Civil Engineering, or any related and IMESA-approved engineering degree at any accredited tertiary educational institution in South Africa
  • Mid-year exams completion
  • Excellent academic records
  • Proven financial need, for IMESA non-members

How to Apply and Application Details

  1. Download and complete the applicable IMESA bursary application form:
  2. Send certified copies of the following documents together with your application form:
    • South African ID
    • Undersigned student’s academic progress statement from the applicant’s institution
    • Affidavit of parents’/household monthly income, including the student’s financial situation
    • Mid-year academic results
  3. Application form and required documents must be submitted through either of the following methods:

The Admin Officer: IMESA

Post: P O Box 2190 Westville 3630


Tel/Fax: + 27 (0) 31 266 5094

Incomplete or late application form and required documents will be disqualified.


Opening and Closing Date

Applications can be submitted from June each year and close in 15 September .


Contact Details

The Admin Officer
Address: 2 Derby Downs Office Park Westville
Post: P O Box 2190 Westville 3630
Tel/Fax: + 27 (0) 31 266 5094