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Sibanye Stillwater: Boiler

 The appointee should:

  • Grade 10 or Technical Trade Specific N2
  • Certified Competent as Track Welder /Boilermaker Trade Certificate
  • English literate (speak, read and write)
  • Must be able to do standby and overtime
  • Must be familiar with Risk Assessments Procedures
  • Be declared medically fit for the position and environment, as determined by a risk based medical examination at the relevant Sibanye Stillwater Occupational Health Centre
Advantageous requirements:

  • Trade Hand Level 4 Welder
  • Track Welding Skills/Certificate
  • Casting exothermic joints on various rail profiles
  • Repairing Skid Marks
  • Repairing switch Blades
  • Repairing Battered Rail ends
  • Repairing Rail manufactured Crossings
  • Operating disc cutting machine (electric and petrol)
  • Operating 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler grinder
  • Safe handling of gas equipment
  • Valid driving license code 08 or 10
Key responsibilities include:

Achievement of safe production performance levels

through the effective maintenance of equipment

  • Attend and conduct Safety meeting
  • Conducts and participate in Risk assessments
  • Allocate tasks to subordinates
  • Attend to Breakdowns and emergencies as required
  • Ensure that material, spares and equipment are available as required
  • Ensure proper and adequate on the job training and coaching is provided to subordinates
  • Comply to  environmental requirements
  • Exercise judgment with regards to replacement of components
  • Maintains a high quality of work 
  • Timely and accurate information
  • Records results of all legal examinations in the appropriate format
  • Works in a sequence that  prioritizes work requirements
  • Completing job cards and description of work and spares used (PM’s)
  • Performing work to the required standards and specifications
  • Applying appropriate tools to complete tasks
Closing date: 13 April 2021