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Nelson Mandela University applications 2022


Online applications are open until 
30 September 2021 for 1st semester 
and year programmes. Applicants 
who wish to apply after this date or 
for the 2nd semester intake need to 
follow the manual application process
after they have viewed the closing date 
and the list of programmes that are 
already full.
 Note that applicants wishing to 
apply for Masters and Doctoral 
degrees in the current year must 
also follow the manual application
after consultation with the faculty
 they wish to study in.

What you will need:
  • Your latest school results – Example: 
  • Grade 11 final or grade 12 June 
  • or September or final school 
  • leaving results – No Grade 12 
  • March results. (This is applicable 
  • to applicants who are currently in 
  • Grade 12 and will be writing or
  •  have written the National Senior 
  • Certificate (NSC) examinations).
  • A valid SA ID number or passport
  • number
  • To know what your postal code is
  • Access to an e–mail address
  • Access to a scanner and/or
  • Access to a fax machine and/or
  • Access to a printer (if you are
  • currently at school or studying 
  • at a tertiary institution or have 
  • recently left school and do/will
  • not have permanent employment.
  • Please ensure that you enter your cell 
  • number correctly, as your application
  •  status will be communicated via 
  • cellphone
Click here to apply online
Create email address here if you don't have one